Miss King *Updated*

Diva Drama's.

Lisa is not happy with Pippa, as Pippa claims to be the queen of the ring. Lisa claims she can take on Pippa, at her own dirty heel game and win. Pippa knows Lisa is ticklish, so has plans to work Lisa over, put her into numerous submission holds and give out prolonged tickle torture. Lisa on the other hand is going to use a dirty heels campaign, along with rib tickling, leg tickling, of course scissor tickling. With no referee, the ladies have to do their own counting, this could be more than a little dubious! Rope work is allowed, submission holds a plenty, forced and prolonged tickling. It would also appear that Lisa has added biting and foot stomping, this could become a Diva Drama!

Who is the top diva?

Let's get this match started.

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Luscious Lisa.

 Luscious Lisa is looking stunning in a one piece swimsuit. Today she faces Scorpion Dreamer, in a mixed challenge match. As soon as we start Lisa chases Scorpion into the ring only to be met with a full nelson counter from our man. Lisa replies with some stunning ring control, with an arm bar variation centre ring. Lisa finds herself locked up and told 'to know her place!' This does not phase Lisa as she proceeds to work the arms and shoulders in an attempt to wear Scorpion down and cause a submission. Well our man, locks in some stunning body scissors on Lisa. Also he sneaks in a couple of illegal tickles, causing Lisa to do a lot wriggling in her swimsuit! Lisa follows with a couple of quality Elbow and leg drops, as the match continues Lisa applies some stunning body scissors of her own. It goes without saying that Lisa has a full bag of quality moves available. Question is will they fight this one out fair, or will they fight dirty?

Let's join this match.


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Fire and Fury.

 A new lady has joined the girls at WGI, Lisa King, Mr Malicious 'man of authority' has got all the girls in to do some fitness workout's so the line up includes, Monica, Shelby Beach, Pippa Lvinn, Venus, and of course Lisa. High work ethics are expected, the girls appear to be working well, when suddenly, Shelby starts tickling Venus, well that's it all the girls start, Lisa appears to be cheating in her counting when doing some of the work??? Pippa just appears to be tickling everybody!! Only way to sort this out is an impromptu five way match, Well Lisa appears to be playing by the rules, though Shelby appears to have thrown the rule book out of the ring!! Monica is just applying everyhold possible followed by intense tickling. Pippa is wrestling, whilst attempting to give out multipul tickles!! Well Mr Malicious issues an order anybody found cheating will have to leave the ring!! Oh there is also a forfeit for any lady that goes to far??? Will that forfeit be issued????    




Lisa get's Tickled!


Monica and Lisa, Tickle Shelby!

The other camera.

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