Complete Carnage.

Would you join the girls?

Wow, wow. Get off Mr Gaylord, sir.

Catfight Corner.

Shelby is going in!

What is going on!

Wicked Women

Who is Mr Mustachio?

Lisa in control.


The lads are here to take over.

Will the ladies win the day?

Minxy's Manmeat.

Minxy Li, meets Gaylord!

The two take each other on.

Bendy Bodies.

Lisa adjusts her assests?

No, no, no. Followed by a few more no's!

Feindish Fingers.

Thunder takes on Shelby.

Who will get the upper, tickling hand?

Heard it on the Grapevine.

Ouucchh!! Watch it.

Maid of Honour.

Mr Marvellous calls out the maid.

One feisty maid!


Match of the Day.

What are the girls wearing?

Oh my, what now!

Kissing the Canvas.

We must beat Raven!

The win will be ours.

Treble Tickling Treat.

Let the match commence.

Double foot tickle!

Pippa's Poison.

Mr Marvellous takes on Pippa and Poison.

Oh dear, Mr Gaylord, sir!

Diva Drama's.

A few issues!

Lets get this sorted.

Luscious Lisa.

The bigger they are, well the harder they fall.

Lads Vs Lasses.

Gaylord calls out Pippa and Lisa..

Lisa gives Gaylord the chop!

Fatal Femme.

The guys take on Shelby.

Three on one..

Shelby Bitch.

Look out, catfight on.

Lingerie battle.

Lushious Laken.

Gaylord meets Laken and sparks fly!

Things get heated, take it to the ring.


Sexy Stinkface Confrontation.

Who is the best Axa or Laken?

Who will get the most stinkfaces in!


Girl Power.

 Gaylord has been brutaly attacked!

Let the battle commence.

Da Beatdown Boyz.

Gaylord and Dave take on Axa Jay..

Dave goes one on one.


Gaylord in Trouble.

The beatdown continues.


Shelby Beach VS Mr Pink.

Come on, or I'll break it!

Shelby meets the lads.


Shelby get's gunged Outdoors!!

Don't you dare!

The Wrestling Den.

Free samples all round.

Would you invest?

Dynamo play's Disastermind.

Dynamo has slight Disaster!

Messy Wrestling.

Inferno Vs Shelby

Inferno Vs Dynamo

Gaylord's Glory

Gaylord's grand entrance.

Gaylord Vs the girls!!

Join that other angle.

Feisty Female.

Shay Hendrix, feisty female.

Both guys, caught in the grip!

Going for the other angle.

Malicious Meltdown.


Who is in control?

Tag Team Terror.

Terror in the ring!

Who will give first?

Handcuff Horror.

The Boyz go into training.

Join this match.

Rumble, ladies, rumble.

Time to get it on!

The Masterplan.

The plan is ready.

The lads will do it!

Dubious Deceit

Stunning Monica, is invited over to wrestle!

A dubious plan..

Tormented Talent.

It's time, to take them on.

The boyz can take the win.


Gallant Gaylord.

Listen, we must speak!

This time its victory for Gaylord.

Gym Genius.

Train and tickle?

Scissor Siren.

Can he handle the scissors?

Even more Scissors.

Scorpion Sting.

Will he sting?

Join this bout.

More action.

Double Cross.

Who is leading who, astray?

What is going on!

Deadly Dynamo.

Go on Gaylord.

Send in more guys.

Fancy the other angle.

Wrestling Talent.

What is Shelby's secret plan?

Can Sarah win the day?

Even more action.

Destruction Derby.

Get order man!

Dynamo Delivers.

Mr Malicious in trouble.

Give me the other angle.

Tag Team, tearaways.

What is going on? 

Who will win?

Carmen's Interfearance.

Is Carmen ready for the match?

Tickling Torment.

Which lady will tap first.

The other angle.


Double Tap.

Shay and Axa take on the lads.

Who will tap?

Model Mayhem.

Holly Kiss Vs Axa Jay.

Will Holly tap?

Gaylord Vs the Models.

Holly and Axa take on Gaylord for glory.

Super Heroine Smackdown.

Our superladys do battle.

Flash Fanny, gets a low blow!

Wrestling Rivals.

3 Way pvc Bout!

Inferno in trouble.

Space Invader.

Close quarter wrestling

Will Defiant Dave Win.

Three Phase Fight.

Gaylord steps into the ring.

Boxing bout.

Tag Team, takedown.

Bag Brawl.

Things are getting bitchy!

My Nickers!

Let it rip.

Three times a lady.

Get him out!!


Gaylord speaks.

Crossface Cruelty, Match.

Gaylord's challenge issued.

The battle is on.

Who will end up the loser?

Ring Riot.

The ladies are tied in.

Shelby is under the ropes?

Special Offers.

Malicious Matches.

The Tickle Bike.

Lisa takes a turn.

Duvet Death Match.

Somebody get order!

Gobby Gaylord.

Is Gaylord Ready?

Ring the bell, commence the hell.

Wrestling War.

Full on war.

Tag Team, title.

Who will get the title?

The teams are ready.

The Stronger Sex.

Who is stronger in the ring?

Tickling Domination.

Who can tickle and dominate?

Pre match banter.

Full ring shot.

Bikini Brawl.

Lets tickle and brawl!

Who is the better tickler!

Full ring shot.

Axa Jay mixed wrestle, special.

Could you beat Axa?

Killer Kyra.

The ring is prepared, the ladies enter.

Let battle commence.

Pippa's Selection.

Two of Pippa's favourite matches.

Dia Zerva Special.

Dia arrives for international, Wrestle and Tickle.

All tied up.

Who is going to win?

Who is the better wrestler?


Three way tickle.

Let the match commence.

Give me the other angle. 

Tickling Impact.

Wow, steady with the tickling!

Going to for a tickle triumph.

Tickling trials.

Pippa Lvinn Vs April Davis

Who is the better lady?

Mixed Tag.

Unseen footage.

Lads vs Lasses.

Shelby Beach V Dia Zerva.

Let the match commence.

Will Dia Give?

Extra camera

The Blonde Bombshells.

Gaylord takes on Dia and Shelby.

Don't give in Mr Gaylord.

The main event.

Dia's Grudge.

Dia is ready, who will win?

More action.

Dia Zerva Vs Pippa Lvinn.

International Tickle and Wrestle.

Give me the other angle.

Pippa Lvinn Vs Mr Marvelous.

Going for a takedown.

Ready to rumble.

Axa Jay Vs....

Mr Marvelous.

Gaylord Peacock.

Enter Electra.

Electra is ready.

Other trailers.

Pippa Strikes Back.

Training day.

Tickling and Takedowns.

Tickling Anger.

Gaylord's Invasion.

Clamped Shut.

Don't Push me.

Wicked Wednesday.

A Question of tickle!

Last tickler standing.

Tickling Dilema.

Tickling Power.

Shelby Beach & Jenny Sjodin Vs Gaylord.

GI Tickle and Wrestle.

Axa in Hosiery.

Holly in Hosiery.

Lisa in Hosiery.

Rascal in Hosiery.

Hosiery Handicap Match, Raven.

Hosiery Handicap Match, Lisa.

Sarah Kelly in Hosiery.

Titty Torment, Axa Vs Shay.

Give those Tits more torment!

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