Tickle and Wrestle Pippa Vs Shel *Updated*

Office Orgy.


 We have an investor visiting the gym, Shelby has an interview with the possibility of investment for the future. So Shelby has put her interview suit on for the meeting. Well Pippa has found out and is not happy, as she too, is looking for investment for the future. Well we're interviewing Shelby, when things come to a head, and Pippa confronts Miss Beach. Well Shelby won't back down and before we know there is bitchin brawl, bout in the ring. With no way of stepping into stop this confrontation, we have to let the ladys fight it out. Pippa attacks Shelby and starts trying to rip off her outfit, office attire starts to fly all over the place. The ladies attack each other with a handbag as well!!! Pippa has dressed in a somewhat revealing outfit, Shelby has gone for the more formal look, and how can we put this, it's not long before Shelby's outfit is leaving her body! Jacket and skirt go west, and Shelby finds herself fighting in her blouse and underwear. It also looks like Shelby has put in her favourite bra on, in order to feel good as well being dressed to impress. Well the bout is brutal and neither lady holds back, they even head-butt each other! Add to that wrestling in office attire chaos ensues. Imagine all your favourite moves done by ladies in office/interview wear!! Also this bout/fight gets so out of control, both ladies actually attempt to leave the building!!!

 Shelby's investment suit!

Cleavage tickle..

 Stairwell Stampede!!


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Hardcore Uproar.

 Things have gotten way out of control after the Ring Riot match, Shelby will not back down, neither will Pippa, so it's been called, a hardcore tickling count's anywhere match. There are no rules at all during this match, the only way to win is for the other to submit by leaving the building! The ladies have bought tickling weapon's as well, in the form of feather duster's and toothbrushes! Before the match even starts Shelby get's ambushed in the kitchen, this leads to a match that starts in the ring, then heads to the mat's. At this point Shelby meets a chair! Pippa end's up getting thrown into some tarpaulin that is there for some maintenance, get's wrapped up and cannot get out. Then the battling heads into one of the side rooms; where we wrestle and tickle, with a hoover!! at one point even switched on???!!!????  Into the hallway for more battling with chairs, and onto the hard floor.... Next tickling in the toilet! Will anybody flush?  Followed by a battle in the shower!! Total wrestling and tickling mayhem, Who will be the victor? Who is leaving the building in shame?? Will anybody be able to leave???   

 Henry the hoover?

 Tickled on the toilet?

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Ring Riot!

Things are starting to heat up, the feud between Pippa and Shelby is getting worse. So we tied them both together and told them to sort this problem out in the ring. The tickling and wrestling is intense to say the least, as the match progresses both ladies are trying new tickling techniques and moves in order to get the upper hand. Pippa goes for a new tickle and choke! hold.... Suddenly things get even more out of control as Shelby get's the cushion's from the surrounding seats, and starts throwing them at Pippa and even one of the camera men! Will we be able to contain, this match in the ring???   



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