Rip and Wrestle *Updated*

Bullying Beatdown.

 The beautiful bullies are back, and this time there not happy with Lisa King, they feel she is way to pretty, and too confident a pro wrestler. Axa and Shay feel they are being up-staged, and it's time to beatdown on Lisa, so they ambush her in the corridor. They drag Lisa into the ring for a handicap, humiliation catfight. Well Lisa's not having any of it and fights back, but as the hair flies, so do Lisa's clothes!! Yep the bullies intend to tear off, all of Lisa's outfit and leave humiliated in her lingerie. Add to this the planned stinkfaces, spanking's and general beatdowns, even worse it's being filmed for everybody to see. Will Lisa be able to fight back, or will she end up, on the end of this evil plot? Will the beautiful  bullies end up with a taste of their own medicine? How many stinkfaces will get issued?, could somebody sneak in some humiliation facesitting? Will Lisa lose all her clothes?? The question is who will the day, the beautiful bullies, or luscious Lisa?

 The bullies are after Lisa!

 Oh god no, they wouldn't, not to Lisa?


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Tattered and Torn.

 The interview situation has got out of control, both ladies feel that the other person's outfit has to go!! The only way to settle this is with a match, yet this has turned into a catfight. The will to win, has turned into wanting the upper hand in front of the potential investor. The only thing that matters is looking the part. The rules are if there are any, the last person with any of their outfit in tact is the winner and may go into the interview, or you can go in wearing the other person outfit if you can steal it... Other way to get into the interview is totally rip the other person outfit to shreds or from their body. Hair pulling, slapping, bitching, everything is coming into play.. The wrestling is totally intense, coupled with the abililty to rip, and destroy the desired outfit. Well this leads to an intense bout...  

Suits You..

Exposed cleavage!

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