Tickle and Wrestle 1-2

Pro Submission Match.

Pippa Lvinn V Shelby Beach. Rules: Rope breaks allowed, no pins, submission by upper body tickling only, leaving the ring at any time leads to disqualification. We join both ladies as they do there pre-match interviews. As soon as the bell sounds Pippa Lvinn taunts Shelby Beach, both ladies are straight into holds and lock ups, followed by intense upper body tickling. Though with these ladies anything can happen!!!

As we can see this was an intense battle with a variety of holds being applied. No quarter was given by either lady during this match.

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Foot Submission Tickle and Wrestle match.

After the outcome of there first encounter. Its time for a submission foot match. Shelby quickly applies a variety of holds, following up with incredible foot tickling. Pippa Lvinn is in no mood to submit, she proceeds to put Shelby through tickle torture. Both ladies use the ropes for their advantage. The question is will both ladies keep to the rules?  



Once again both ladies show true spirit during this match. Though Miss L'vinn had other idea's of how to finish off this great match


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