Season 2# 7-10

Below the Belt.

 Shelby is sick of Pippa always turning the tables on everybody when ever the opportunity arrises. So Shelby has decided to play Pippa at her own games, and has called her out for a match. Well Pippa loves the idea of this, and basically has decided it's wrestling in her back yard. Though as soon as the match start's it becomes very obvious that Shelby is taking this match seriously, well Pippa breaks out the Wrestle and Tickle, handbook deploying some stunning moves followed by some serious tickle submission's. Shelby counter's with some tickle and wrestle moves of her own, before we know it, it's become a full on match. Will the ref be able to keep order or will this turn into a tickle fight!!! Thing is on the way, Pippa causes Shelby to have a clothing malfunction!! Then claims it was an accident?

Tickling Raspberry?

Join this match.

Stinky, tickle face!

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Duvet Death Match.

 We are in the kitchen with Mr Malicious and we get to see the moment where Shelby is found sleeping in the matted room!!  Pippa has had a problem for over a week and not been able to get in, to do any training!! It would appear Shelby has had to leave her boat for maintanence and took up residency in the gym!! Well Shelby is not impressed at being woken up from her mid afternoon nap, as Pippa has called her out. Well this calls for a grudge match. Right from the start both ladies really go at, tickling each other, after putting each other in some serious pins and holds. Though as the match progresses, Shelby has an idea, get the duvet in the ring and wrestle on it, and in it!! Join us as we enjoy this grudge match a difference!!       

Get the Duvet!


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Foot Fight.

 Pippa has challenged Shelby to a foot tickling match. Rules: Most tickling pinfalls wins. Well Shelby claims to have the best tickling hands so she has no problem what so ever answering the challenge. As soon as the match is under way, both ladies seem to be trying everything, including some very under hand tatics in order to get the tickling advantage. Question is will tickling order be kept or will the match turn into a tickle brawl!! As we join the ladies as it is revealed that somebody has been banned from the ring for breaking tickling rules!!     

Gaylord Grounded!

What are you doing!

Tongue Tickling..

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Tickling Tums.

 Pro grudge match: The tickle and wrestle rivalry between Pippa and Shelby has boiled over, both ladies claim to be the better tickler and wrestler. There is only one way to solve this, with a counts fall anywhere match. The ladies have been told they can either go for top and shorts or bikini. This is in order to stop any tickling weapon's from being hidden inside swimsuits etc. Well as soon we get order and manage to get the match under way. Tickle and Wrestle chaos erupts with tickling pinfalls, coming thick and fast. Will anybody be able to keep with the holds and pinfalls. Will the ladies keep there tickling under control, have the ladies bee working on new tickling moves!!      

Tickling Torture...


Ref, suffers a tickling meltdown!


Roped in and tickled...

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