Tickle and Wrestle 7-10

Technical Tickling.

 We join Pippa Lvinn as she prepares the ring for April Davis V Shelby Beach. That said Pippa appears to have taken matters into her own hands on ho w this match should pan out. Rules: Tickling can only be applied once both shoulders are on the mat. Though we all know with these ladies, rules are made to broken. Shelby goes straight on the offensive, though the referee appears to be biased towards April Davis. This causes Shelby to tear up the rule book and take on Miss Davis and the referee at the same time. With serious upperbody, armpit, ear, neck, bottom and of course foot tickling. The question is will the plan work?   

With the double crossing going on in this match. It's anybody guess on the outcome.

The Ref Speaks.


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Tickling War.

April Davis is not happy, she has declared tickling war against Shelby Beach with help from Pippa Lvinn. Not that this worries Shelby as she shows us her skills by inverted rib tickling on April using the turnbuckle. Miss Lvinn has her own set of tickling skills as well, introducing us to piggy tickling on Shelby tooties! Shelby also is a master of the foot tickle and produces toe, rope tickling, with help of April. Every lady gives no quarter during this match. With such moves as scissor tickling, armbar tickling, sunset flip tickling, tickle and drop, headbutt and tickle! but to name a few. Shot from a difrrent angle to add a whole new feel to this great download.


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Tickling Backlash

 Tag team, foot grudge match. Starring Pippa Lvinn with Shelby Beach and from 3G Inferno and Dynamo. Rules foot tickling only... Though with these ladies the rules could we be broken! Right from the off the ladies are applying a variety of holds in order to cause as much pain as possible, before going  in for the big tickle. It would appear that Inferno also has tickling ideas on her mind. Will the ref be able to keep order. During this tickling grudge........ Though at one point Miss Lvinn appears to be putting Shelby in a tickle sleeper hold when they are on the same team????     

Dynamo's Interview.

Pete's Peril.

Backlash Trailer.

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Judgement Day

Well this is it folk the season one final, it comes down to a handicap match between Shelby Beach v Dynamo and Inferno. Rules. There are none!!, tickling counts anywhere.... Will Miss Beach be able to over come the 3G girls, or will they take the season one crown. That said where is Miss Lvinn? why is she not in the match? This match features tie-in and tickle, tree of woe and tickle, sunsetflip and tickle, hiptoss and tickle, both pro style and mat based tickling in one match. We've also heard a rumour that Pippa Lvinn may even end up in the tree of woe and tickle.. Could this be true? Its anybody's guess who will be the season one champion....     

Inferno's Interview.

Bung Issues.


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