Things Get Messy

General Flanage.

 Lisa, Shelby and Jenna, have been entered into the 'General Flanage' quiz. The girls are already some what messy, after having a blast during 'Fancy Mess' now all they have to do is pit their wits against each other to see who can get the other person the messiest. Thing is some of the question's actually involve making a total mess of the other person! Custard literally goes everywhere it can on an outfit, inside and out, add that to the gallons of kids paint, soup and sauces by the splodge load! Can it rain flour? Do pies fly? All this and a lot more as the girls go all out to out do each other in their somewhat! messy pvc, fantasty pvc and full office suit attire. Will any of the girls outfit's actually survive. Oh how much food and gloop can actually get put inside each other's clothes!!   


Exploding Pies!

Lovely Lisa, Causes Chaos!!

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Fancy Mess.


 The office manager is having problem's, Lovely Lisa and Jubbly Jenna are not behaving, they keep sneaking off to try on outfit's for an up coming party, Lisa fancy's going dressed as nun in pvc! Also Jenna has found a rather revealing pvc dress, which she fancies doing a turn in.. They've invited Shelby the office manager in for a make over. Well Shel has no idea about the girls love of tiswas and wanting to be hosts on the iconic program. Well as soon as Shel sits down Lisa sets about doing Shel's make up in a rather odd fashion by drawing some rather strange symbol's on Shel's forehead? Jenna feels the situation needs pies, and we mean a LOT of pies. Well Jenna just causes chaos by flanning both Lisa and Shel constantly during the makeover, this in turn set's Lisa off, and an all mighty piefight breaks out! Oh Jenna has hidden some kids paint, so that goes into the mix as well. Then all three ladies suggest they all take it in turn's on the tiswas stool, to see who can get the most mess on their outfit in an allotted time!! Or as Lisa say's 'the treatment'           

What a Makeover!

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Pie Fight Club.

 A new club has been devised by Pippa and Lisa, Piefight Club! First rule of Piefight Club, nobody talks about Piefight club!  Second rule, ring the bell, tickle like ell!!! Apart from that, apply as many wrestle and tickle moves as possible whilst your tag partner helps from the side lines with pies as ammo to break up any holds!! Oh yes we also have our special 'Mess enforcer' Monica, if she feels somebody is not trying hard enough they get pied, gunged, soaked or anything else that Monica see's fit. Just as the first match is about to start, Mr Malicious walks in and finds the new club, well this doesn't put the ladies off, they just get him to ref, there and then!!! Question is, how much tickling can they get in, how many wrestling holds can be applied and of course, as Lisa has organised it, how many pies, and buckets of mess can be thrown, will any body use the pies for tickling!!!??!!!!     


Get the Pies, let's Fight!



Tickle and Pies!!


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Trailer's from Pie Fight Club Vol2

Let's fill Shelby's outfit!!

Messy Press up's??

Lisa causes more chaos, with the ref!

Shelby Plays Disastermind.

Shelby got in touch, she said that she was that confident at winning Disastermind, she would even allow Simone to do the gunging. What Shelby didn't know was that the roaming camera would capture every pie and gunging. At one point we even fill her panties!



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