Gaylords Adventures

Tickling Brawl.


 It would appear that Shelby is not happy with under-hand tatics that have been going on in the last couple of matches. That said, as we join Gaylord attempts the worlds quickest pinfall. With some seriously riggy counting from Mr Pink. Well a tickling confrontation is enevetable. The only way to solve this is one is with a five way dance. Featuring Pippa Lvinn, Shelby Beach, Kyra, Mr Pink and Gaylord Peacock, rules there ae none! Tickling counts anywhere. Last person not tickled out at the end is the winner! Though with no rules? Anything can and will happen.      

Gaylord's attempts to rig the match!


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Gaylords Tickle Torture.

 Ref Gaylord Peacock is in trouble, the girls are not happy with his refering skills. So they have tied him to the tickle bench to give him a taste of what it is like. Oh boy does Shelby go to work straight away, with constant tickling no let up at all. Pippa goes to work on Gaylords feet. Gaylord refuses to give in and calls out for 'More, More! He's either very brave or very stupid. In a similar situation to Shelby, Gaylord genuinely loses it during this scene.    


Gaylords Tickle Torture.


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Face to Face.


Inferno from 3G is not happy with the refs uncalled for wedgie during Tickle and Takedowns. The ref Gaylord Peacock claims he cannot control the ladies and they are out of control. Inferno takes offence to this and invades the ring and starts tickling the ref. Its not long before Dynamo gets in on the action as both ladies set about tickling the ref everywhere even on his nipples..!!.. They even strip the ref down to his underwear..!!...

Face to Face Trailer.

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Ticklers of the Caribbean.

 We had a photo shoot session under way. Featuring Shelby Beach, Electra and Pippa Lvinn. With a pirate theme. Though thats where everything started to go wrong. Pippa had told Shleby it was a fairy theme, Shelby had to Pippa it was a Pingu!! shoot.  Only Electra was in the right outfit..... Pete the camera manages to get hold of the situation. Gaylord Peacock decided to choose this moment to make an anouncment that shocked everybody!! This leads to a tag team match like no other. With Pippa Lvinn and Electra v Shelby Beach and Gaylord Peacock!! There was some serious taunting from Pippa and Electra before this match started reference to Shelby's possible new man!! Leading to an out of control tag match!


Trailer anyone.

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Gaylord's Gaunlet.

Gaylord has made a statement over Shelby Beach. 'He will just destroy her....!!' Well who is Shelby to turn down a mixed match..... Though what Gaylord does not know is, Shelby has brought along some of the 3G Girls to help out. So before Gaylord knows it, he's in a gauntlet/handicap match. The ladies waste no time applying there tickling skills. They get Gaylord in such a tickling state, that the ladies announce its like sitting on top of a washing machine in spin mode!!!!!!!!  

Gauntlet Trailer.


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Godesses of the Ring. 


Gaylord Peacock turns up on location and acusses Pippa Lvinn of taking a bung for a £1000? Though Pippa has already taken care of Gaylord's arrival with some very dodgy changing facilities! Venus a new lady to Wrestling Girlsinc, takes Pippa on in a tickling counts anywhere match. Dressed in a stunning two piece bikini. Both of these tickling godesses apply every hold in the book. Though something is not right as strange noises keep coming from the broom cupboard? Is it Mr Muscle? No its Gaylord Peacock, The godesses decide to take matters into their own hands and invite Gaylord into a Wrestle and Tickle mixed submission match, Will Gaylord survive? Or will he end up in tickling woe! Will he get home for his tea?   

Will these Godesses of the ring show any respect to Gaylord Peacock? Or has Gaylord bitten off more than he can chew!

Gaylord Speaks!

Godesses trailer.

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Submit or Suffer.

Gaylord Peacock feels that all the ladys at Wrestling Girlsinc should be put in their place. So he sets about to do this. He challenges Pippa Lvinn, to a pro Wrestle and Tickle match. Rules are simple as long as its in the ring tickling can be applied where and when. Though has Gaylord bitten off more than he bargained for as Venus is also ringside. What moves will he apply? Or will Miss Lvinn apply the full Wrestle and Tickle spectrum on Gaylord. Will even get out of the ring?   

Will Pippa show any respect to Gaylord Peacock or is it all a trap so snare Gaylord once and all.


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